Fighting for freerecyling

Vitriol, damn the vitriol

What really makes understanding the wider issues that plague The Freecycle Network is the vitriol. So many people feel so incredibly incensed that they cannot hold themselves back. And in the glory that is email and on-line forums, flaming wars gather apace. Thus is it can be incredibly difficult to see what is really going on or indeed who is speaking on which side (if there are sides!).

My beginnings of trying to get through this war of hell and damnation was to act as an editor for the wikipedia page on regiving. This I have extended to pages that surround that page. My goal has been to provide citations and references that can help others make their own sense and gain their own perspective.

But it ain’t easy.

Another initiative I have started is to start yet another forum – where vitriol was banned and where only positive aspects are allowed. Idealism, don’t you just love it! More of this forum later. My ideal is that this forum will have representatives from all angles and aspects of the Free recycling, gift economy “industry” and thus provide an independent perspective on best practice. So that think tank is now in embryonic operation. Watch this space.

For now let me get back to the debate.


June 26, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle

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