Fighting for freerecyling

Issue 4: All this critique is totally misplaced and unwaranted

I wish it were so. I do not know the people who grew TFN. I have never seen the “whites of their eyes”. And I am sure that in the beginning everything was fine and rosy. But they are taking a lot of flack right now. I mean it, a lot. Almost every day a new Freecycle group owner/moderator speaks up and says “enough is enough”. Is this fair?

Is it fair that the founders of TFN take all the flack? Surely if they spoke up and said anything, positive or negative they would be shot down in flames. That is, sadly absolutely true. My earlier article about vitriol sadly means that saying anything is likely to be the wrong thing. So right now the founders of TFN can do no right.

I wish, I sorely wish it could be otherwise. I really wish the founders and those around them would demonstrate vision and leadership. I actually wish they would say anything that makes sense and is to the point. From what I have seen “point avoidance” seems to be the order of the day. As a “hypothetical” example imagine there was a question on OIDG asking about if there was any reason that AstroTurf groups might be officially created by TFN. Instead of saying no or I cannot see any reason a typical answer might be “well I never created any.” This is not a real example, but a hypothetical kind of Q&A.

But what is happening is that the noose is tightening around them. A well as that the value of freecycle is diminishing by the day, by the minute.

A sad day for such an amazing movement.


June 27, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle, OIDG

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