Fighting for freerecyling

Issue No 5: What is this to do with the roots of grass?

Many, many freecyclers think that TFN is a grassroots organisation. In fact I do not think hardly anyone disagrees. What, might you ask do we mean by grassroots – in this instance.

Well it certainly is managed from the ground up. New moderators and groups largely come out of the ether and set themselves up. The whole life cycle of a Freecycle styled group can be done by someone on their own with absolutely no recourse to TFN. Absolutely none, from creation to grave. They don’t need to ask, though they can do if they wish. Of course, if they don’t ask then they may not be “official”, but hey what does official actually mean? It means you get listed in the main TFN directory and that’s about it. As an official group you could ask for assistance from experienced moderators including people with roles such as IMOD and GOA. But in the end common sense (if you have it) prevails in all things.

And if you are not listed in the main TFN directory that is not much of a problem since you can still be easily found on Yahoo Groups, Google and many many more.

So grassroots is certainly how the whole movement operates and can continue to operate. And all because of technologies such as Yahoo Groups.

The only other sense of grassroots that I think is worthy of comment is the issue of democracy. Does the epicentre of TFN listen to its members and its moderators? Apparently originally there were a frequent number of polls asking members their opinions, and these were listened to. But then something changed. I no not what, but now there are no polls, and voices of differences of opinion seem not to be wanted.

Democracy seems very dead.


June 27, 2007 - Posted by | democracy, freecycle, grassroots

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