Fighting for freerecyling

Issue 6: To respray, or not, this is the question!

If you do not like the colour of your car what do you do? Two main choices are buy a different car, or get a respray.

If you do not like the Freecycle movement what do you do? Do you jump ship and start/join a new/different movement, or do you fight from within.

The answer is always a personal choice that may be vastly affected by events as they play out.

There are alternatives to TFN. There is Freesharing for one. Some of these stay clear of politics and you just see them as part of the gift economy. Others shout out that they are alternatives to TFN, including promoting a more tolerant and open culture.

I do not know where I stand at the moment. Leaving may mean I have less influence when influence and where influence is so needed. To leave also might be seen as admitting that TFN have legal ownership of the word freecycle. Hmm. On the other hand to leave does not frighten me. But if it happens the timing must be my choice and the choice of moderators and owners around.

And there is no point in leaving quietly.


June 27, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle

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