Fighting for freerecyling

Anatomy of the creation of a horrible person like myself

I am sure that a wide range of people close to the heart of TFN are getting very upset with me. How could Andy do this, they ask. After all we are all, well mostly volunteers, just trying to do our best. He is just so cruel.

Well it’s like this, I like just about everyone else on the planet absolutely adores the concept of Free recycling. And like almost everyone else I will do this for no pay, no glory, no self-interest. That’s me, that’s you and that makes for a healthy planet.

But if I ask a difficult question then I at least expect someone to answer and politely explain, perhaps privately some background. An act of re-assurance. If, on the other hand I find that my question is replied to with barrel-loads of obfuscation and no direct answer, then I think to myself, “Andy, either you asked the wrong question or you did not make yourself clear, or you asked the wrong person/group.”

And a natural consequence is then to think of asking the difficult question in a new way, perhaps to new people. All in the hope of finding someone who can give a straight answer.

And then I find myself moderated to the point of being unable to ask questions where I think most appropriate. So the only answer is to find related places. And I then find FcNext and the (unofficial) International Mod Squad. Honestly, TFN I would not have gone hunting for answers if I had been given them in the first place. Honestly. Why could you not answer a straight question with a straight answer.

And now I find I am in the midst of a large range of similarly disenfranchised people. What? Can I believe what I see? As I wade through the vitriol (on both sides if you read what are regarded as troll postings), I find myself getting more and more and more concerned.

So I ask more questions. And now I begin to get straight answers. Clear answers. Answers that have citations that prove that what people say both makes sense and can be proven. This is not good. My world is now going topsy-turvy.

On the topsy side I am getting no answers from anyone at TFN, on the turvy side I am finding loads of moderators in very similar positions, and as I dig deeper it seems this has been going on for two years at least.

The TFN concepts we all love is now beginning to look very corrupted. This cannot be true, surely.

So I try to ask other questions. I do more and more research.

And then suddenly I am defined as persona-non-gratis by TFN. All my posts are moderated, blocked and unanswered.

And then the upstart Cherwell Valley group appears. So, now I am on red alert and start to ask questions all over the place trying to find answers extremely quickly since speed is of the absolute essence. And then the group starts to grow… and then disappears. Down to yellow alert, breathe slowly. Sleep, switch off.

Hell hath no fury like a TFN of which you ask a difficult question!

And so I think enough, is enough. If TFN are going to play very underhand tactics to take me and my group out from below then they have seriously lost all credibility.

And so the horrible person who writes this blog is created.

Sorry, TFN – all you had to do was answer a straight question. That’s all you had to do. That’s all I ever wanted. I am sure to the very core you are all very honest and dedicated people. But somehow the plot has been seriously lost. And I am very sorry for you.

But if you think I am going to let you get away with incessant underhand, strong arm and bullying tactics without exercising my right to free speech first…


June 28, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle

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