Fighting for freerecyling

Issue No 9: One criticism of frsutrated Mods is that they are FGH’s – Frustrated Glory Hunters

Often when wanting to denigrate (sorry that really is an appropriate word) moderators that have become upset with TFN it is insinuated that the are frustrated glory hunters. By this I mean people who look at an organisation like TFN and say to themselves, “TFN is not being run properly, I want to run that so I am going to cause trouble”. It is very interesting to note that of ALL the Free Recycling movements this kind of problem only exists in TFN.

Am I wrong? Please if there are any dissenters in the non-TFN free recycling world please pass me the links. Because, if these abound (and I just have not found them yet) then it would truly indicate support for the existence of the frustrated glory hunter.

June 28, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle

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