Fighting for freerecyling

It is not only member groups that get “replaced” without notice is a brand new replacement for moderators. What was wrong with the old one? Why oh, why.


June 28, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle

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  1. I’ll tell you why it was replaced… because would not be made owner of this group under direction by him. So if you can’t take over the group by asking, you recreate the group and invite all the mods over to the new one while posting libelous information to all the owner groups for the state of Colorado.

    You see, on October 7, 2006, a new rule was created for the mod squads. You can read about that here:

    Prior to that, there were no rules in place to determine what exactly a leadership mod was and this particular page was added to the text on this page and was NEVER ANNOUNCED to the Mod Squads anywhere, not even to the international, state or otherwise. As former editor of the Mod Manual, it never occurred to me that this was a pre-emptive attempt by Freecycle to maintain control of the state and internationa mod squads. Shame on me for not catching it but SHAME ON FREECYCLE for sneaking it in without a single announcement to anyone.

    Florida is next… there is a parallel in place just in case the mods don’t cave in and add Deron as owner. And if they do, he and the other owners/mods will be tossed out of the mod squad like yesterday’s garbage. How’s that for management tactics??

    Comment by Karen | June 30, 2007 | Reply

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