Fighting for freerecyling

They are changing Guards at Buckingham Palace

and while that happened… The rules changed.

Now possibly like many of you I belong to PayPal. And whenever PayPal change their rules I get a notification email about the change. This I think is very good public relations, and a common decency.

It would be nice to see such a state of affairs was part and parcel of TFN life. For example when a change in terms and conditions was made, those affected were notified. Now of course nobody wants every member in the whole wider TFN movement to receive an email. But certainly OIDG and national modsquads would be the least one might expect.

This becomes more of an issue when a rule change may be contentious. For example, I have been informed that the page on State and Regional Modsquads has been modified to ensure that their are leadership mods must be added as “owners” to regional ModSqauds goes back to October 7, 2006.

Now this change may be very laudable and for the greater good. But if such a change was made would not it make sense to actually notify people?

I mean suppose a new rule just happens to slip in that, oh, I don’t know, means that the owner of a group must personally be carbon neutral by the end of the year. I know it may be a silly example, but what I am to be clear about is that any organisation owes a very serious responsibility to its members to at least inform them of any changes of terms and conditions of membership.

It owes an even greater sense of responsibility to its officers (if that is what moderators, owners, GOAs, NGAs and whoever else are) AT THE VERY LEAST to inform them of any changes. If they do not do this then, at least in a UK (and therefore EU?) court of law that such a rule change is totally illegal. And the last thing I would want to assert is that TFN is operating illegally. Perhaps someone could comment on the USA legal position here.

The point is if at least clear notification is made then a member and/ or a moderator has an opportunity to make a decision as to whether to accept and stay with TFN, or not.

I hope and pray, for TFN’s sake that I hear of no further instances in the past – and certainly none in the future – of any rule changes that are made without due diligence.


July 1, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle, OIDG

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