Fighting for freerecyling

Yet another disenchanted group of freecyclers!

I have just come across the Darker Side of Freecycle group. They, interestingly seem to stem from the days when TFN was splitting from Rise Inc, so they go way back. And looking into their postings there seem to be a plethora of other groups. I have to ask, ” when will this stop?” Is it possible that I can go on forever and keep on unearthing new groups of people who have some gripe about TFN?

As with all people ultimately you have only one choice. If you do not like the organisation you can leave it. Or is it that simple. TFN is a company, but freecycling is a movement. It is the junction of the two that is the challenge to get right. And that’s why my previous post was all about getting a contract sorted.

Now if you leave the freecycle movement under the auspices of TFN what are your choices? Well you can start a new brand name, or you can join an existing alternative brand name. Or of course you can chunder along without ever thinking of names so long as your membership goes with you.

Of course if you leave then TFN have ever right to create an alternative group in your stead. So right away you will be in a competition. And competition is a good thing, right? Competition is ok, confusion is not. So if you and your group decide that TFN is not for you then you must do it efficiently and work to avoid confusion.

If you do not leave TFN then you have the right to fight for what you believe in, what your relationship with TFN should be. You have that right as a member, as a moderator, as an owner. That is a basic human right. Others have tried to fight, and it seems failed to alter the course of TFN.

And there I differ. The course of TFN is right, unfortunately I differ on how it is getting there. I object strongly to sensible questions being suppressed. I object to getting no answers. History is history. We can only rewrite the future. So as you may expect, I think that every group owner needs a contract they can sign about how there future with TFN might be shaped.

If there is a clear contract, then there is no problem. Each group’s owner can discuss with moderators and members about what they want, and whether TFN offers them enough to warrant staying with the TFN brand name.

Only then will we bring to an end the disenchantment that is plaguing TFN, that seems to have plagued it from the beginning and sadly threatens to bring the whole movement crashing down.


July 2, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle

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