Fighting for freerecyling

Why does this site exist?

Like everyone I joined my local freecycling group. I loved it. And then my group asked for moderators. And I offered. I take that responsibility seriously and so started to read on the website all the pages on the manuals there. Lots of info. Very good.

One of the pages on the moderator’s manual referred to some specialist groups, and eventually I joined PlanetFreecycle, OIDG and Ukmodsquad. My first post on OIDG talked about the virtues of freecycling. It went on to say that to understand what freecycle is you have to get beneath the landfill. (I know this is not a pleasant concept though one possibly that Deron might relish imposing on me – joke!) You have to understand the frailties of email, yahoogroups, and also understand their strengths.

If you apply to create a new TFN group, one of the phrases that should hit you is “building community”. This to me is one of the incalculable strengths of the current TFN model. Glocalisation is a horrible word. But with this current model we truly engender a feeling of community, of localness in a world of global websites.

Little did I realise in those naive and heady days of the 4th of June that just a month later this site would exist and that I would have begun to understand that TFN is trying to create a corporate image in a movement environment.

Like you, I love the movement.


July 4, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle, OIDG

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