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I posted this yesterday on OIDG but it was rejected

“I repost this with more formality since my last post was blocked.Warning: This letter, if blocked from posting onto OIDG verbatim will be posted onto my blog – If it is accepted on OIDG then it will not appear on my blog. This full meets the terms and conditions of privacy of this OIDG which I uphold 100%.I post this because it seems that people, including Deron Beal, say this discussion must be on the OIDG discussion group, that is where it belongs.” And then nothing happens. The discussion is suppressed. Please, if OIDG is not the correct place please which forum is the right place? OIDG seems right to me, it seems right to Deron, so…Let me start with _restating_ a previously posted yet simple question, which to date has had no answer.

Was TFN in any way shape or form responsible for creating the potential “replacement” group for CherwellValleyFreecycle, dubbed CherwellValleyUKFreecycle?

Assuming the answer is yes, then with whom in the UK did they discuss this? Did this include and have the sanction of the relevant GOA?

Assuming the answer is no, then I apologise profusely and ask that you respond more speedily to such requests for information so that fear, uncertainty and doubt can be fully avoided.

If you, TFN or anyone requires the evidence of the replacement group then I am happy to share evidence via my blog.

End of question.

Finally, since I have found out that you are trying to remove me as moderator with immediate effect, and that as soon as that happens my membership of this group is automatically terminated I can only provide you with 12 hours to come up with an answer.

If my membership is terminated before this is posted, without edit, then I will assume that this posting was rejected.

I am sorry it has come to this, but Deron Beal said this was the right forum for this debate. Richard Wallman said this was the right place for this debate. Others have said this is the right place for debate. The name of the group implies this is the right place for this debate. And yet when any debate is attempted people like myself are blamed for being anti-TFN. And that is not what I am.


July 5, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle, OIDG

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