Fighting for freerecyling

Is it a dream or is it a nightmare?

Ok, lets hypothesise.  Deron Beal thinks to himself “I have had enough, I’m off” and he drives off into the sunset.  What is left regarding TFN and freecycling?  Some might argue possibly much the same unless you at least pack his car with a few key colleagues.  But is even that enough?  Remember that the sponsorship comes from the corporate world.  Won’t they want to continue as they were? 

Also any lawyers and accountants who advise TFN (who all want to make some money at some time out of this at some time if not now) all must have supported going down this road.  So they aren’t going to backtrack easily.

So you clean out all that and then what?

Then you have to really think hard about the top of the organisation and what its relevance is.  Should new incumbants simply take over.  What will their direction be?  Ok so they have a clean slate.  Where will they get their ideas from?  From moderators, and if so which ones or even from the membership? 

That’s a big ask and you might end up with exactly the same situation.

What I am saying is that simply taking out the top person or team of an organisation does not necessarily get you where you might want to be instantly.  There is instead a lot of work to do, and I mean a lot.

Fortunately, unlike many “organisations”, freecycling groups on Yahoo Groups would just go on, and on and on. 

(By the way I am definitely not advocating any action, all I am trying to get people to see is that it is not necessarily a simple choice.  So Deron, please don’t quit the day job just yet.)


July 7, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle, management, yahoogroups

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  1. very nice article, and cool blog too! keep up the good work!


    Comment by jenny | July 11, 2007 | Reply

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