Fighting for freerecyling

Can we be too altruistic?

At they promote what the call the give away project. Cynically what “inspires” most people is the receiving rather than the giving, especially in the first instance, which is why many websites and businesses “give” you something like 1 hour free, or 10 credits. They all know that in fact many people, once they get used to a concept actually do give more than they receive.

The point is that it does not matter what gets us up and running with freecycling, just that whatever the trigger is, whether it is being purely altruistic, whether it is around climate change issues, even if it is a practical need that drives us, whatever it is it is all valid. After all know one really understands freecycling until they have tried it. This is a bit like no one can understand the Internet in all its glory (and gory) until they have experienced it.

This is one reason why I do not recommend groups to put a stricture in place that people must offer first. To me that is a nonsense. If someone asks and asks and asks then that is abuse. But asking once or twice, well that is just beginning to understand what freecycling is. We all need to learn and we all need to start somewhere. We cannot all be altruists from day one.


July 9, 2007 - Posted by | freecycling

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