Fighting for freerecyling

An open invitation to The Freecycle Network to speak

I have just been contacted by a TFN Imod who says they are not allowed to talk on behalf of TFN and that any issues must be addressed by the relevant GOA. Well, I remember when trying to get some answers to my questions that my GOA was sick. ‘Twas very sad that there was no fallback cover for a GOA who was ill, perhaps some timely feedback might have obviated the need for this blog.

If I remember correctly I had asked TFN to distance itself from the AstroTurf equivalent of the group of which I was a moderator. All I asked was for TFN to state that they had nothing to do with delisting and AstroTurf. The ensuing silence spoke and speaks volumes to me.

Anyway if this blog is nothing else it is about free and open speech. Therefore dear The Freecycle Network, if you wish to speak to any of the points raised in this blog then the floor is yours. Any points you wish to make will go totally uncensored and unmoderated.

Please tell us that this entire blog is completely wrong. Please tell us that all of what is written here is even lies and damnation. I can guarantee that all I want is for TFN to be and act honourably, for it to build a sense of trust and integrity.

Who, from TFN will speak to those words?


July 19, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle, goa

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