Fighting for freerecyling

You Simply Cannot Be Serious!

According to The Freecycle Network you cannot freecycle. It is simply not allowed. To freecycle would mean actually removing items from landfill of course and that is surely what we are about. But that is not what The Freecycle Network is about. For them freecycling is and anyone who freecycles is banned.

Yes, it is official, according to their trademark compliance page, anyone that freecycles is simply not trademark compliant. According to that page the ONLY way to use freecycle is either as a noun referring to the company OR as an adjective. That is it.

So, for example, anyone who uses it as a verb is not trademark compliant. And you can be sure of receiving a Cease and Desist email or letter within the next 24 hours. So, owners and moderators I would strongly advise you to admonish your members to stop freecycling now. And tell them that if they freecycle then they will be excommunicated.

You will note that even Deron Beal’s home group in Tuzon, AZ has a problem with this. At the beginning of his second paragraph he really wants to use the word freecycle, but cannot so has to use the incorrect word “recycle”. (We are not about recycling. Freecycling is something totally different, and Deron you really ought to know that by now!)

So if you are into freecycling and actually freecycle something then STOP IT NOW, otherwise you will be taken to the court. Anyone for a game of tennis?

July 20, 2007 - Posted by | cease and desist, freecycle, humour, trademark


  1. Andy, I really like your blogs and am glad you didn’t quit, but this one really had me rolling on the floor.
    Thanks Andy, keep up the great work….

    Comment by Beth | July 20, 2007 | Reply

  2. Andy, you have your tongue so firmly planted in your cheek that you should be careful abouteating solid foods. 😉

    Keep up he good work.

    Comment by EDWARD SCHWARZMANN | July 20, 2007 | Reply

  3. Well done, geat blog and great posts!!!

    Comment by Portal Porto Alegre | July 22, 2007 | Reply

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