Fighting for freerecyling

Has someone lost sight of the main goal?

Let me remind you the main reason for freecycling is to reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill. Apparently someone somewhere needs reminding.

Apparently although some groups are happily listed on several directory sites if you are on TFN then you are only allowed to be on TFN. They seem to be so interested in exclusivity (presumably because they are so much better than anyone else) that they are happy to snub groups who might want to promote their group on another directory and delist them.

Call me stupid, but I mean how should one actually get new members? I mean, get real, surely a good group owner will use every tool in their arsenal to promote the group, get new members, and, oh here’s an idea actually stop unwanted items ending up in landfill.

TFN must be so arrogant that they think they are absolutely perfect list of freecycling groups? I think the evidence is stacked against them, otherwise why would Google and other search engines list other freecycling directories at all? And where, dear reader, does it say on the TFN website, “thou shalt not promote thy group and get new members?”

Come on TFN – open your eyes!!! Go now to the opticians and get yourself some spectacles before you make a complete spectacle of yourself.


July 21, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle, goa, landfill

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