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Completing annual returns is a nightmare, for anyone

I really feel for TFN. The bureaucratic effort required to complete any company return is a challenge. TFN has made the effort in filing end of year June 2006 Form 990, which is available for public inspection over the Internet from the Foundation Centre. It was such a challenge that they even forgot to mention their website, which since it occurred on the first page is rather surprising. Probably a trivial oversight.

I don’t pretend to be an expert, and hey I would not want to fill in this form. I do however see one change that will have to be made in the next filing. One question is whether they have made any representations to government on political issues, which of course TFN has this year when it made a submission officially to the UK government regarding its Climate Change Bill. But that is next year’s return.

Also available for public inspection are the companies filings for the Arizona Corporate Commission.

I am absolutely sure there is nothing wrong with these. As I say anyone wishing to fill in formal documents often has to get expert advice as to what is important and what is not, and what to write in which boxes to do proper justice. But people have asked for more information regarding the financials and both of these are publicly available for that exact reason.

July 22, 2007 - Posted by | non-profit status

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