Fighting for freerecyling

Ok Kath of North Port Fl Freecycle here goes

Firstly to remind everyone I have asked Kath for permission, but since she has insisted on a deadline of 24 hours I have had no choice but to go ahead, despite no answer from her. This actually is not so bad since you will see that she asks for this email to be posted widely. In fact the email was cross-posted originally on at least MS cafe, OIDG and various Modsquads.

[editor: only edit is to remove blank lines and format for display on this blog and I apologise if I have inadvertently made any errors. ]

Okay folks, I really mean folks….simple little people like me and you. Just plain people… Deron, me, and you.

Some OTHER folks really want to confuse things big time. Freecyle is not a business. It is not a charity. It may qualify for a grant here or there to cover the cost of running the web site and paying the server his monthly dues, but I don’t think there is any money exchanging hands that can buy anyone a newer car, or a larger house, or a fancy suit, or take the little woman out to dinner. Somebody, Correct me if I am wrong here. Wether you are Deron, or me, or just you, or an owner, or a moderator….their is no salary. Correct? Nothing lining any of our pockets but lint.

Correct? Sure is a lot of politics going on over nothing in my estimation. OWNER, lets really take a good look at that word. Um……………….. again I say, how can one own anything that belongs to no one, or does belong to the community/members. I am not an owner, but I am the equal of an owner, because half of nothing, or all of nothing, or nothing of nothing, is still nothing…….At one time, for 10 minutes or less, I thought about starting up a different group on Yahoo, or that OTHER network that has been mentioned so many times. I even joined one of those groups on the OTHER network just to see what the big deal was…….and this is what I found out for my own peace of mind.

It goes back to the post I posted from the other day. The one about the kids in the lunch line at school screaming and running and causing utter chaos, and how I had these index cards that helped me to get the members (notice that I did not refer to the members as something I own, like MY members) to follow basic rules, like locations, and sob stories, and bickering, and no shows, etc. Well, at the end of the long drawn out email, (smile sorry bout that), I said I was out of index cards. I lied!!!!! There is one more index card I am holding……. it is about all the politics going on with simple minded owners over EF……

A few years back, I was a member of North Port Fl Freecycle. I went to bed one evening and woke up the next morning and I was a member of North Port Fl Recycler……?????

As a high jacked member once upon a time, I know what your group members are going through and what will happen next.

Several of you owners are, correction, all of the owners that have left THIS network in a cloud of smoke, are the real control freaks. They are the kids that stand in the lunch line doing what ever suits them for the moment. They are impossible to work with, be around, or talk to. The owner of the Freecycle group that high jacked me as a member years ago, is a member on this Freecycle group also, and guess what…. they don’t read my ADMIN’s, they post messages that fail the landfill test, they are still causing this group chaos being the occasional no show even… guess what…..they are moderated on this group because they can not, and will not follow this group guidelines. I stayed with the high jacked group for many months before the word came out that the real Freecycle North Port Group had been replaced by the Florida GOA.

Thank you Mary, or whom ever did that. I joined back to Freecycle because I wanted to belong to a group that would not steal me away like an object they own.

Had I been asked by the previous owner….maybe …… just maybe, I would have left Freecycle on my own, but to have been stolen…..control freaks…..

that group is still in operation today. However, every member they have has returned to Freecycle and is a member of each group..theirs by chance and Freecycle by choice….. they sort through double email about the same item twice, or if they belong to the OTHER network, they now sort through email more than twice over the same offer….in hope to find one offer that may be new and not on the other groups. Bottom line…members are in it for their own reasons, and would be the free stuff, not because they like the owner of the group, not that the owner of the group owns them…..

Now, for you other mod’s like me that have EF listed as owner….. when the new site ever gets up and running, they will have to have someone moderate each group locally. Think about it. Sure the word owner will not be allowed, no the owner name will not be on the page???? What’s up with that???? A buckfifty and your name on the page and you can buy a cup of coffee at Star Bucks if a buck fifty is enough money. Sure the site is pretty much generic, but is that not with any TM in any field?. Look at any TM run establishment…

Wendy’s, McDonalds, Burger King, Sonic, Publix, WalMart, WinnDixie, Kroger, Sarasota Square Mall, Blockbuster, Net Flick’s, Microsoft, Internet Explorer, Window Vista, Fire Fox, Linux, Dell, Gateway, Ford, Chevy, VW, Rolls Royce, J & J Holmes, FPL, North Port Water, City of Sarasota, Sheriff Dept,Shell, Chevron, Exxon, Sears, K-Mart, the list goes on and on. Misspell Exxon, and even the spell checker fixes it, smile, LOL. Each TM has the same basic guidelines.

They look alike. The floor plan is simular so that a customer from one country can go on Vacation anywhere in the world and know by site what they can order or buy in any department with out asking for directions once inside the store. They may have to ask for directions TO the store, but once inside they are right at home, know where the potty is, know where toys are, know where the dressing rooms are, etc. Now each TM will have different products from one store to the other. What you may find in one store will not be available in another, we all know that from our daily shopping experience. Freecycle will be no different on the new site, than any other TM ‘d establishment. Basic yes…..personalized, you bet ya……

Deron is doing what any WalMart had to do. Put up the basic TM look alike, use alike things. From there the Moderator will add to it things that work for their group. Unless, they have other subject line keywords like barter, loan, thank you, green earth tips, sell, buy, trade….etc. Example, can’t buy a Whopper at Micky D’s. But if they do have other choices than the 4 keywords…offer,wanted,taken,received….then they are not Freecycle group material and should get out of Dodge so to speak and go to that OTHER network. As for myself and THIS group, we are going to have a choice, go or not to go is the question. As for the members stolen in the middle of the night, keep a candle on in the window..for they will return to Freecycle because they will choose to unsubscribe from the OTHER network and your chaos way of running a group and return to order and comfort with Freecycle TM as their Home away from Home.

Hey, ever notice that you can tell the UPS guy by the way he looks, tall dark and handsome, as opposed to the Fed X driver short stocky and good looking, from the mail man, short fat and bald, smile. (been on the job for a zillion years and his job is write protected, smile, LOL

How can someone get fired from Freecycle????? And if they do, what can they do about it???? Well, if Freecycle fires me when the new site goes up, I myself will get a chance to clean something, shop somewhere, go on vacation, get sick, sleep in, get a relationship started, adopt an orphan, help the elderly… because being a good moderator and running a group the way it was intended without the help of the new site…is very time consuming. I spend hours on this computer doing what the new site program could do for me while I take a nap….. I can even post an offer, or a wanted and walk away knowing that the new site program will catch any blunder I may make and kick it back to me without public embarrassment of the moderator making a mistake.

Those leaving Freecycle are the control freaks, Deron is trying to replace order within all Freecycle, all over the world. Think about this for a moment…. how could WalMart run its company without help??? from one location say…Detroit??? The local WalMart would be non existing….it would require North Port employees to run WalMart in North Port for it to exist, Detroit employee’s to run Detroit WalMart, etc….. Yeah, I can just see Deron staying up night and day moderating all the messages from all over the world that the computer kicks out….LOL…. really other Mod’s….. use your head. Make a choice, go with your gut feelings, but don’t make a choice because a few OWNERS of nothing, stole their Nothing’s in the middle of the night and took them to another Nothing Network. This OTHER network is new…..give it time and it also will have to put down a few basic rules on index cards for them to follow…what then…will they scream at the top of their lungs that the OTHER network is being run by Deron as well????? OMG, they are going to let Deron get all the gray hair from working out the bugs, and then copy cat off him. Poor Richard, little did he know that they will steal his ideas one day like they stole the members….smile. I believe that if you lie….you’ll cheat….if you lie and cheat…you’ll steal… and thus far every Owner/Moderator that has posted on this site that they are leaving has passed the lie-cheat-steal test, and Deron has not passed that test. He has tried to better things, not lie,cheat,and steal what he wants.

Sure, once moved to the new site, the group stays there. However, that doesn’t mean anything. If you are unhappy, you can still leave, you just gotta work a little harder to start up another group and keep them from going home to Deron ,(Freecycle TM), in the morning….smile….LOL

If you choose to leave THIS network, do it quietly! I don’t want to know about it. If I awake up and I am a member of the OTHER network because you stole my membership, know that I will not only unsubscribe from that group, but I will remove you as a member on this group and ban you if necessary from this group. You don’t spam this group, because Yahoo won’t let you, and because we are moving to a place where you will not be able to spam even once, the program will kick it out to a moderator…..ME….I feel confident that we can coincide on the Internet together.

Bottom line, even as a Moderator of North Port Fl Freecycle, I can steal these members and move them to the OTHER group without being an owner, and without EF stopping me, and so can you. However, do I really want to do that??????? Do you really want to do that???? Na….. I don’t….I have entertained the question for months now….. I worked to hard to get them this far to put them back where they were 3 years ago. And, when you see a post on that OTHER network with a location and no sob story….. know that

They ARE, and WILL ALWAYS be a FREECYCLE Member just………..
…… visiting your group for the free stuff, smile, LOL…..
I have made my choice….this group stays with Freecycle TM because it is the best in the world, even if they fire me…… COOL…. I will have time to visit the beach and get a sun tan….LOL…. Now, I have passed the ball to you….. it is in your court…..

Is it a stay or a go for the group you watch over?

If it is a stay….. please post to this and join me letting Freecycle know who out there is leaving? LOL
All coins have two sides…….they want to be sneaky and leave first, bad mouth second, but we can force them to belly up to the bar, right now today,

before they steal someone’s Identity, to admit first that they are leaving by next Saturday at HIGH NOON, by the end of this day, we will know who our fellow Mod’s are. We will know when the OTHER shoe will fall…. please join me in letting us all know just how much courage you have to stand and say….. I AM LEAVING…. OR…… I AM STAYING…… I want to know which groups I need to unsubscribe from within the next 24 hours….. I don’t want to be high jacked again.

In the Subject line of a post, put “WE’RE STAYING with the group name”, or “WE ARE LEAVING with the group name. I am sending this to all the main groups that I know. Seeing that some Mod’s are members of one group and not the other. If I have missed one, please copy and paste it, or forward it tothe group I missed…… Let’s force the cowards hands! Let’s make them quit but let us know first, then they can do what they want……holding their head high and not slither away like the snake in the grass. I loathe cowards and sex offenders, to me they are the same dog,…….just different spots.


North Port Fl Freecycle TM
PS…. I don’t post often…. aren’t you glad because I always post a book…..LOL.. but no more from this little corner of the world… I will be the reading person from now on, and not a posting person, just wanted to give some thoughts to the moderator’s like me that have EF as the owner

Kathy Moderator NorthPortFLFreecycle TM and proud of it

[editor: End of email]

  1. Let me start by saying I fully applaud your passion. Absolutely fully.
  2. Now on the one hand you state that TFN is not a business – and then later compare it to Wallmart and many other corporations. These statements are opposite statements. You go on to add that Deron is doing what Wallmart is doing and I must agree wholeheartedly with your assertion and since you have Deron’s confidence please can you get clarification on this and come back to your members.
  3. You complain about others spamming and yet you have sent this email to various groups and encourage further distribution. Again these statements are at odds with each other.
  4. You assert that people who have either left or been kicked out of TFN have stolen ideas from TFN. But as you will see from this blog, the origination of the freecycling idea pre-dates Deron by the Twin Cities project. So I wonder if you are also asserting that Deron stole the freecycle ideas?
  5. You say “you have made your choice”, implying that your group will stay with TFN. Is this not a statement of ownership and control? If you had said, “my members have spoken” then that would be different. Further you insist that groups state, within 24 hours, which way they wish to go. I presume you have sent a message out to your members and would be interested to know the result. I am confident that you will get a resounding message of support from your members. Just like all the moderators and owners of groups who have left the TFN stable. This is key, in my opinion. You are a good moderator, so are they and most importantly members could not really care whether groups are affiliated to TFN or not. The most important thing for them is to go on freecycling.
  6. You use various inflammatory remarks and innuendo which, if I may say do your message a disservice.
  7. You make an interesting assertion that absolutely all members returned to the original freecycling group from a group that “broke” away. If I could publish your proof that then I am sure readers would be interested in reading it.
  8. There are many other issues that I could raise with your post, but I will finish with just one. You assert that Deron works for pro bono. Well as far as the annual returns of the company show I believe this is not correct. So are you asserting that Deron has filed his company returns incorrectly? If so then I think the IRS would be interested.

I respect you for stating your opinion and am very glad you have. It is important for members of your group and moderators of others to know your opinion. And I hope that others come to the defence of Deron Beal and TFN. One thing you and I obviously agree on is Free Speech, this blog is all about people like you stating your opinions with the purpose of furthering the freecycling movement.


July 23, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle, OIDG


  1. Hi, and thank you so much for continuing this blog… it is very important…

    Is there a possibility that the site for the 990’s, and the site for the AZ tax returns be published on this blog? That may make it a whole lot easier for the visitors to take a look-see for themselves….. I fear, if this info is not readily available to them, it may/will/does come across as more ‘rumour’ and/or ‘innuendo’. It is information open to the general public, is it not??

    And ….. ya never know, even ‘Kathy’ from FL may take a look!! Well, maybe that’s pushing it, but…… LOL

    Comment by Cheena G | July 24, 2007 | Reply

  2. Is she kidding? I believe only 4 Owner/Mods have answered her plea. Does that mean that ALL the REST are LEAVING? I’m glad she doesn’t post often…..she’d be gagged….errr….moderated.

    Comment by Just Me | July 24, 2007 | Reply

  3. […] groups are staying In response to Kath’s email so far eight groups have said they are staying with TFN.  May I remind any owners that a deadline […]

    Pingback by 8 groups are staying « The FreeRRRs - recycling, regiving and reusing, as it should be | July 24, 2007 | Reply

  4. The 990’s are available on the .org under “about us”
    Here is the Arizona Corporation Commissions file on TFN

    May I ask just who exactly is Kathy, and what level of TFN management is she to institute a “poll” at the US modsquad, or was the management thrilled that one mod out of 4000 has not even bothered to search back in the archives and see that Deron is getting paid, the 501(c)3 has been approved, making TFN a charity, and has made so many contradictions, my head is still spinning trying to keep up.
    First she says, “If you choose to leave THIS network, do it quietly! I don’t want to know about it.”
    THEN she says, “Let’s force the cowards hands! Let’s make them quit but let us know first” and “please join me in letting us all know”
    Me thinks too many personalities were writing this.

    Comment by Jamey | July 24, 2007 | Reply

  5. Haha, marvellous mass of contradictions. I love this one “I loathe cowards and sex offenders, to me they are the same dog”. So are all the members of freecycle (™ or not), a dog, or a sex offender?

    * boggles *

    Comment by brendadada | August 12, 2007 | Reply

  6. Hey Kathy,
    Wanna ask ME about how the “Network” treats the non-complying “Mods”??????
    Leaving Mr. Beal’s little psycho ward was the best thing ever done for this group.
    The OWNER of FortMyersRecycle

    Comment by FortMyersRecycle | November 25, 2007 | Reply

  7. I left Freecycle years ago due to one or two particularly nasty mods, who were, and continue to be control freaks. I stay signed up simply because I enjoy getting the laughable emails every time their OCD selves decide we need one more stupid rule. IMHO, these people need to get lives, and stop trying to be queens/kings of Freecycle. I don’t give a rat’s a$$ who gets paid. The mods I know are making a killing by “monitoring” posts, and grabbing all the goodies for themselves, then re-selling them. I know one who makes over $30,000 a year doing this, and she tried to talk me into doing it too. Deron is an ass. Do you really thing he set this whole thing up altruistically? If you do, you’re all morons. Freecycle is, and has always been, a business. A “Not For Profit” business, but nevertheless, a business. The money that is made from this network is astronomical if you add it all up. I think I’ll stay with the “control freaks” on the independent networks.

    Comment by greenlasagna | November 20, 2009 | Reply

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