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Spam, spam, spam, spam

There is an insinuation, which may be true or not that someone has spammed a lot of freecycle groups.  If anyone can forward me the evidence I will chase this and publish results of investigation.


July 23, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle


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  2. Taken from FreecycleModSquad
    From: “Ruth”
    Date: Tue Jul 24, 2007 10:34 pm
    Subject: RE: E-mail I recieved…. It seems that it has so far that I know of only hit the UK.. but I am
    giving everyone a heads up on this, in case it starts in the US or
    Canada.. I am going to put the full e-mail in this post and the
    header without the group’s name due to confidentialty. I hope
    everyone understands. I am not knocking anyone just trying to give a
    heads up is all..

    Helpful Information
    Date: 7/23/2007 6:17:46 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
    From: friendsofreuseitnetwork@…

    E-mail contents
    it is long and I do apologize…

    Dear Freecycle Group Owner
    We are writing to you regarding a brand new website that has just
    kicked off.
    The name of the website is the ReUseIt Network it can be found at . We encourage you to check it out!
    The reason we are writing to you is because there is a lot of unrest
    in the current TFN Network and as the new Freecycle Network Site is
    about to go “live” thought we might just step in and let you know
    there are alternatives.
    The ReUseIt Network is founded on the grassroots principle of local
    community involvement and management of your groups at local level.
    If you are with a network that seeks to take control of your group
    and reduce you from owner to moderator we would really like you to
    know you have an alternative.
    Now…if you are happy to relinquish ownership of your group and have
    centralised management of your group from the USA, that’s fine and
    you need not read any further, just hit the delete button and we are
    sorry to have taken up your time.
    However…..if you wish to retain control and management, remain a
    local community group with an affiliation and branding name that is
    highly respected and regarded then read on.
    The new ReUseIt Network links all Australian groups in one
    centralised site, has one rule and has a wonderful and gifted group
    of volunteers that are standing by to help you make the transition
    with your group. All current Yahoo Groups can make the transition to
    the new network with no fuss at all. This way you will always have
    control to manage your group and you will always be called “the
    owner”. Your group will always stay as a local group.
    We would like to advise that if you have the member ersatzfriend
    and/or the “finder”, please remove them as quickly as possible to
    secure your group. Remember, once you make the shift to the new
    Freecycle site, you can not go back to Yahoo Groups and this is
    definite. Why not? The Management of Freecycle will not allow you
    to, as there WILL be a technical issue in that the ownership of your
    group will come under “The Freecycle Network’, so it will NO LONGER
    be your group.
    At the moment, unless of course you have TFN addy’s in your group as
    owner, you have the opportunity to say “No Thank You” to the new
    Freecycle Network Site, this may not be so in the not to distant
    future. We are really hoping to keep this grassroots movement at
    local level and ask that you do not make this decision lightly.
    Even if TFN is sole owner of your Yahoo Group and have not handed the
    reins over to you, please contact us for advice on how best to deal
    with this issue.
    When Freecycle started people were encouraged to start a group in
    their local area and support and assistance was given by many
    wonderful volunteers. We ran our groups, through the network that was
    not for profit. These changes taking place are NOT for the good of
    your LOCAL Community. They are changes to benefit the founder, Deron
    Beal, financially. This is no longer a grassroots movement for local
    communities to assist in conserving our planet. It is an organisation
    wishing to take control/ownership of all groups in one central
    location to assist in raising revenue through advertising on the
    site. Please consider your involvement in your local community,
    because no money raised will ever go into benefiting your local
    The ReUseIt Network looks forward to helping you with your
    environmental efforts, through our commitment to the principle of
    CONSERVATION. They believe in reducing the waste of land, water,
    energy, and fossil fuels in an effort to preserve resources, while
    fostering sustainable development. They are also committed to the
    principle of EDUCATION. They believe in providing useful, accessible,
    relevant information to encourage knowledge of environmental and
    ecological issues, at home and abroad. The ReUseIt Network is also
    committed to the principle of ACCOUNTABILITY. They believe in active
    participation in recycling and reusing resources, whether they are
    natural or man-made. Lastly t he ReUseIt Network is committed to the
    principle of COMMUNITY. They believe in helping others help
    themselves by providing a forum for communication and discussion of
    local and global issues.

    Please note you are free to name your group however you see fit; all
    they would like to do is give you a centralised branding name where
    all groups are listed and can be found. If you just want a universal
    link to your group they will provide that.
    Now, what do we have to gain by telling you all this. We get to keep
    all the Australian groups under one banner, with decentralised
    control and decision making– that is you get to continue on as owner
    of your Yahoo Group as you have done for as long as only you know. So
    we leave this with you to ponder and explore your options.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this email, if you have
    questions please hit the “reply” button and myself and others will do
    our best to answer your queries regarding the new network openly and
    This email comes from your colleagues (likeminded recycling
    volunteers) and fellow recyclers. If you would like to contact the
    new network please send your emails to:

    helpdesk@… – if you would like to contact the
    friends of the ReUseItNetwork please reply to this email.

    Yours Truly,

    Friends of the ReUseIt Network

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