Fighting for freerecyling

First 30 days

This blog has arisen out of frustration of a lack of free speech in certain quarters. If it has achieved nothing else other than allowing US moderators and owners to vote on whether they have confidence in TFN or not (as is going on in the currently in the US freecyclemodsquad) then that is a tremendous step forward. And I really do hope that TFN gets a resounding vote of support – so get your votes in now! TFN has taken a lot of bashing on this blog, and it needs your support, now.

For myself all I ever wanted was a sense of democratic free speech in TFN/ And despite many posts that I work hard to craft, Kath speaks from the heart and achieves in one post more than I ever could or did. So, again Kath – thank you.

Right now I am taking a break for two and half weeks so this blog is closing down within the next 24 hours as I make final preparations for being somewhere very remote from the Internet. If anyone posts any comments then I am sorry if they are not approved until my return.  (PS the final dip is because we are only half way through the day.)

Here are the stats for this blog over the last 30 days.Freecycling stats for the last 30 days


July 24, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle

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