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Don’t shoot from the hip

Ok so I am really going on my hols. I asked for permission to quote someone who spoke on behalf of TFN, but unfortunately they think are not happy for me to do that. I thought, dear readers that someone else speaking on behalf of TFN would help you decide. But it seems not.

So I will instead set you a puzzle. Firstly did any of the moderators who are now “the enemy” start out life thinking they would abuse TFN to eventually take a large group of members and leave TFN. To a person the answer is NOT A JOT OF IT. Every single person is now dubbed the enemy was an ardent freecycler. But as they rose through the ranks to moderator and then super-moderator (ie GOA, NGA, Imod etc) they began to see cracks in the organisation. Now if you are in an organisation and you see flaws, what are you to do?

As I see it you have two choices:

  • get out
  • stay in

To make either choice you probably need to do more research – which implies asking questions.

The core problem with TFN is that when you ask a “question” you are instantly put on moderation, across all groups, and your post is deleted. This is a denial of free speech. It hampers you from making a decision in favour of staying in. And it leads to the paranoia that is TFN today.

To be clear, not a single person from TFN has spoken to the words on this website. Not a single person. Deron has kept silent. Stephanie has kept silent. Gwyn has kept silent. They have not answered the charges here. They have not answered the charges on OIDG. You deserve those answers.

I have seen several posts that have been made by people in support of TFN. Rarely has a single one of them had anything other than invalid assumptions and emotion to back those assertions. All I ask, and I mean it – DO YOUR RESEARCH and GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT.

Don’t take my word for it, instead speak from knowledge gained by proper research rather than from prejudices. And then make your choice.

And now I am actually going on holiday and this blog is officially closed until 12th August. Thank you for reading, but thank you most if you actually do your research and form your own personal judgement rather than simply shooting from the hip.


July 25, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle, OIDG


  1. Dear Freecycle Group Owner,

    As you probably know, Freecycle groups are about to be invited to the new FCN website. Once groups have gone over to the new site, then it is likely that they won’t be able to return to Yahoo unless the owner/mods are prepared to maintain a ‘shadow group’. You will also lose your ownership of the group and moderating tasks will be almost non-existent as the new site will take care of most of your current Freecycle work. Deron Beal, the founder of Freecycle, said that this will free you all up so that you can get out and promote Freecycle in your communities. This is admirable. However, some of you may prefer things to stay as they are.

    We would like to offer you an alternative. Realcycle is a UK based network using the Yahoo platform. We have a lively and informative directory homepage where each group is listed. We think experienced Freecycle owner/moderators are quite capable of running their own groups as they see fit, so impose no rules or regulations as to the running of individual groups. We only ask that you fly the Realcycle logo in order to keep the groups looking similar and to keep the Realcycle network visible.

    We have a moderators’ cafe group where chat is plentiful and problems can shared and, hopefully, solved.

    Realcycle is free. We are *not* trying to make any money; apply for grants or any other official recognition, nor do we think you need a trademark to give away your stuff. We are *not* going to spend money on a fancy “bells & whistles” website. We are definitely *not* going to set up an online store so we can sell you more junk that will eventually end up in landfill.

    We are trying to become affiliated with as many “green” organisations as possible – our primary priority is to facilitate present and future members keeping good stuff out of landfill. We are totally non-political and will never assume to represent our members’ views without their consent, although it is possible we will give our support to campaigns for the reduction of wasteful packaging, etc.

    If you are interested, please get in touch. All replies will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

    For further information on the internal problems of TFN:

    Comment by Bev Godfrey | July 26, 2007 | Reply

  2. AMEN!

    Comment by jen z | August 9, 2007 | Reply

  3. Hey Andy, Now we have a link from squidoo to your blog 🙂 Happy Freecycling!

    Comment by ThePrancingPony | August 12, 2007 | Reply

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