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A slip up at Waste Management Inc?

It seems that, according to our beloved Deron, the most prized aspect of his private funding source at Waste Management Inc, is that he can be kept in freshly warmed slippers from here to eternity on his possibly $100k salary. At least that is what Deron leads us to conclude on that illustrious paper the Chicago Tribune where Deron describes himself as the “bedroom-slipper-wearing everyman”. Anyone know how many pairs of slippers can be bought for $100k – each year?

(and as for Deron being an “everyman” – just don’t get me started… I mean how many “everymen” ACTUALLY wear slippers these days, no not just do it but actually boast about it?)


August 15, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle, waste management


  1. Hi,
    Many of you are asking what happened. I can’t answer all the e-mails
    so I will post it here.

    Below this note from me is the “Dear John” e-mail (sender name has
    been removed) from TFN and the link to the article which lead to my
    removal from the Freecycle Network. Please take note that my comments
    to the reporter only proves my comments to be true. If management in
    TFN (The Freecycle Network) was not controlling, then freedom of
    speech would not cause me to be thrown out of Freecycle. BTW, this is
    the second time TFN has asked me to leave TFN for stupid reasons. The
    last time was when I said mentor mods was a social club…I was
    deleted from the mentor mod program and never given a reason why.
    They removed me from the group but did not ask me to stop working on
    the groups I was a mentor mod on. They wanted my time and hard work
    but did not want me on the official TFN Mentor Mod group. So, I said
    they were a social club for a select few..big deal! That is no reason
    to ask someone to give up a group and leave TFN! It is just silly,
    IMO! TFN has asked 100’s and 100’s of hard working mods to leave
    when one said something that was not to TFN’s liking.

    When I was in management in my work place, I encouraged my employees
    to speak freely even if I did not like what was said or if it was
    negative about me or the company. In a well ran organization and
    company, comments should be welcomed for improvement. How one
    accepts comments, may they be negative or good, separates the strong
    from the weak.

    All in all, my comments over all since I have been in Freecycle have
    been very very positive! Funny, no one in TFN management ever thanked
    me for the good comments I made to reporters in the past!

    Again, many thanks for the massive support and love you all have
    shown me during this most difficult time.
    Jackie Weaver

    Here is the news article:

    http://www.chicagot news/nationworld /chi-
    freecycle_14aug14, 1,3073634. s\

    Here is the reporters contact information:
    Kayce Ataiyero
    kataiyero@tribune. com

    Here is the note from TFN:

    Jackie, this is an email that I did not expect to write. I was sent a
    copy of your statements in the Chicago Tribune. I have to tell you
    that I was really disappointed in your comments.

    Despite my reassurances that no one wanted to take your group away
    from you, you chose to make comments that would require me to ask you
    to step down. I hate to do this, because you have been so active and
    so helpful to Freecycle (TM). Your group is a wonderful example of
    what Freecycle can be like.

    I don’t understand why you chose to make the derogatory comments
    about Freecycle.

    The interim moderator team will be applying to join your group.
    Please approve their membership and promote them to owner.

    I have stood behind you and vouched for your loyalty any time a
    question came up. I thought I had reassured you about this whole
    thing. No one has been conspiring to take over your group.

    I’m sorry it had to come to this. This was a very difficult request
    for me to make. Please understand that there is nothing personal in
    this; it is a decision that is based solely on statements you have
    made against Freecycle. I wish you well in future endeavors and trust
    that you will remain involved in helping to save the earth.

    The interim moderator team should be joining your group shortly.

    Thanks for all you have done in the past to promote Freecycle. I’m
    sorry that the relationship cannot continue.


    Comment by Jackie (Breeze) | August 15, 2007 | Reply

  2. Hey, I’m wearing slippers at this very moment! (but I’m not a man, so I guess that doesn’t count ;-))

    Comment by Sue | August 16, 2007 | Reply

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