Fighting for freerecyling

Calling all “freecycle” group owners

TFN is on a mass campaign to ensure that any group that displays even the smallest infringement of copyright, left, upside-down or XXX forbid, actually use their trademark – well you are likely to find your group deleted by Yahoo with no notice. The reasons used by TFN are around their spurious claims on trademark. That’s the bad news.

The best notice you are likely to get is an email from Yahoo saying that you should take up any grievance with TFN. But that is exactly what you should not do. Let me awright that – yes do complain to TFN, complain to the press, but above all complain back to Yahoo.

The good news is that the word is out that Yahoo will reinstate groups that complain. So if enough ex-group owners and moderators complain then someone will get the message and you will help preent other group owners going through the same pain. You should address any Yahoo emails to copyright at yahoo dot com. There are a wide range of email addresses that you can also email to help gain credence for your case of reinstatement. See fcnext for more details.

August 15, 2007 - Posted by | fcnext, freecycle, trademark

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