Fighting for freerecyling

Freegans rock

Following my daughter’s total veganist lifestyle I am moving step by step from being a veggie to the whole ethos of veganism. Freegans looks at the wider implications of vegan thinking and every time I visit the site I find myself questioning my lifestyle choices, and hopefully improving them as a result. You might ask is this on topic for this blog?

Well I think if you look at the monster that TFN seems to have become then you will quickly see why freegans deserve a mention. The UK newspaper, The Oberserver quotes Deron Beal “The philosophy of the group is to let go of ownership” in an article reminding me of freegans. I would just love to have that same level of confidence in TFN.

The reality is that yes, TFN let go of ownership in an idealistic way. This has enabled phenomenal growth of the industry, but then TFN has tried hard to rain everything back in using the tools of trademark, embellished in very poor management and control. If you look at the archive posts of this blog you will find full and plentiful testament to this. If you visit the many links on the blogroll the evidence is insuperable.

So, yes TFN let go of ownership. In fact it tried to own something it never did own in the first place – something akin to YahooGroups. But that is another story.

As any parent of grown up children knows only too well, once their child has grown up and left home as an adult, from that moment onwards they are independent and will live life in their own way. Any attempt at further parental control them meets with frustration in all its forms.


August 20, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle, trademark, yahoogroups

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