Fighting for freerecyling

Toxic Boss Syndrome

After reading Leadership: How to Spot a Toxic Boss from the CIO website I was struck by the possible parallels with TFN. But there are differences. Because of the largely volunteer nature of free recycling, in some senses a Dracula parallel might be better: vampires feeding on the new virgin blood of a member newly appointed to moderator or even owner and feeling so grateful. So raw and new to the game they only see love and bliss and ignorantly step forward to the alter of TFN. OIDG is full of this c**p: sorry I try to keep this blog polite but there are some truly stomach churning posts of ingratiation made by new initiates.

Then, while the words “offer, receive and taken” are being mantra’d hypnotically there are the last vague pangs of concern that all may not be right. But it is too late? Eyelids shut tightly to the concerns raised in the FreeRRRs in the trance-induced belief that this blog simply does not exist, that contentious posts on OIDG were never made…

Repeat after me, “TFN is perfect, TFN is perfect.”

August 20, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle, OIDG

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