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Calling all makers and shakers

We are reaching our zenith, but that is another post. I want to put together bios on the makers and shakers in this industry. If you feel you warrant a place in the FreeRRRs hall of fame then plop me two paragraphs about yourself. These bios will be fed back for public consumption so keep it clean folks! Details I am looking for is how you got into freecycling, brief background on you as a person and then what drew you into confrontation with TFN.

(Caveat emptor – just because you submit something does not mean it will be used.  Initially I will use my own judgement as to who gets into the Hall of Fame and this is non-negotiable.)


August 22, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle


  1. I have been rescuing stuff for 40 years, ever since Dad first took my brother and I trolling through the back alleys of my home town. We dragged home insulation, piping, golf clubs, clothing, carpeting, cardboard boxes, a sink, pictures, furniture, plants – the list is endless. For many years the cry went up from friends and relatives, “Here quine, take this stuff – we know you will find a good home for it with SOMEONE”. Last year I discovered Freecycle and realised I was not alone (or barking mad) There were others out there as passionate as me for crawling around dumpsters and lurking in back alleys just to rescue perfectly good stuff and spread it around to those in need.

    I now run a Freecycle Group for my sins. It can be tiring work but I thoroughly enjoy the process from beginning to end and gain immense satisfaction from saving the Earth One Gift at a Time. I have met many lovely people through Freecycle and am happy to count some as true friends. Even those I butt heads with on the various Moderators Only forums 🙂

    Steptoe Quine

    Comment by Steptoe Quine | August 23, 2007 | Reply

  2. I dont see any confrontation with TFN here??

    Comment by Dave Sparlie | November 29, 2008 | Reply

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