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HoF No1: Ed Hibbert for his services to moderators everywhere

This is the first in my Hall of Fame series and a very welcome one.  Like it or not many, many free recycling groups will be with Yahoo Groups for many years.  That means moderators who want to be effective need help moderating.  Step up to the plate come Ed Hibbert…

“The story of my life is one of turning a low boredom threshold into something constructive. Once I started moderating Freecycle groups I decided all those mouse clicks were far too tedious, and were seriously affecting the time I could spend drinking lattes in groovy cafes. So I wrote a little Firefox gizmo to help make moderating Freecycle easier. Now that’s snowballed wildly out of control, and I’m too busy working on that to drink any more lattes. That’s progress. “

I forgot to add a link to the moderationplugin home page.


August 22, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle

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