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Regina vs TFN: A declaration of independance

I am still working on catching up on the extremely high volumes of posts that I returned to from my holiday. One post that has hit me full is the declaration of independance from what was Regina Freecycle and is now Regina Full Circles. The full text can be read on many of the groups that allow free speech in the free recycling world, I will limit myself to a few quotes.

  • “Our group is not made up of darksiders, mutineers, or rogue members – we are still the same great people we were 2 hours ago”,
  • “we find ourselves no longer able to be morally connected with The Freecycle Network”,
  • “Our community is not interested in being part of an organization that is more cloak and dagger than community”,
  • “We are tired of the way that volunteers are treated (or mistreated?) and spat out – we are tired of the lack of communication – we are tired of the heavy-handed moderation”
  • “The exoduses of the past, were a handful of groups, and were short-lived,  but this one is continuing – this one is huge – and I think people are finally  realising that no matter how hard they hope, you aren’t noticing – you aren’t  waking up, and things won’t change”
  • ” I did NOT  leave because I wanted to, but because I have felt forced out – by the  unethical practices of the BOD/ED/HUB, and by what has been told to me by  little birdies over the years from past persons in positions.”

And there you have it in a nutshell.


August 22, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle


  1. One exception….they are off-target that the exoduses (exodii?) of the past were a “handful and short-lived.” It was a steady stream and has never completely let up for over 2 1/2 years. They seems to have missed a huge piece of tfn history.

    It’s grrrrreat they found their independence (finally!) but to downplay those who came before, or imply it was a ho-hum “also-ran” experience is to more-or-less ignore the highways and trails that were blazed long ago by many many other ‘freedom pioneers’!! Nevertheless, Congrats to Regina FullCircles!!!

    Comment by Christopher V (CV) | August 22, 2007 | Reply

  2. Hear Hear, Christopher! Yes, we were among the first to
    say NO to all the newly (at that time) made rules. We
    said NO to the requirement that ersatzfriend be co-owner
    of our groups. We said NO to the full moderation of
    the Modsquad group (which, I believe, Deron still claims
    to be unmoderated…geesh), we said NO to the sponsorship of Waste Management, Inc. when it was forced on us with no input at all, and so we left. And what a relief it was!

    Congratulations to all who learn the truth and regain their

    Comment by Wendy (aka puffin_49) | August 23, 2007 | Reply

  3. And after you two left, many, many more of us finally saw the light in August of 2005, when Deron’s hehe comments about ditching Deanna at high noon from all her tfn responsibilities, woke us up. Once you stop drinking the Kool Aid, it’s all very clear. (For more info, I recommend

    Congrats to and all the groups that are now freecycling independently! There are now some 825 such groups listed on alone!

    Comment by Nancy Castleman | August 29, 2007 | Reply

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