Fighting for freerecyling

From the new TFN free-quently asked questions

If you follow the new website’s FAQ down to its recommended links and resources page you can read,

” There is a new Freecycle Group called the Org Issues Discussion Group (OIDG). It is a separate yahoo group started by a vote from Mod Squad members to remove organizational issues from within the Mod Squad group. The OIDG group focuses on issues central to the ongoing development of which has many deep-rooted, sometimes emotional content not suited for the Mod Squad or its members. This allows the Mod Squad to continue their focus on helping the many individual groups to better service their memberships.
Please note that the Freecycle leadership is serious about keeping organizational issues OFF the Mod Squad group, and ONLY on the new OIDG group. Posts to the Mod Squad relating to organizational issues of will be deleted. Membership to the OIDG is open to those who are also members of the Mod Squad.”

Now, can I ask TFN to get this page updated since there is a clear implication here that TFN wants organisational issues discussed in OIDG and will even accept emotional contributions. Surely this is totally contrary to any moderator’s experience of OIDG as well as Deron Beal’s latest admin posting. It is just that, apparently TFN is authorising 10 new members per week into OIDG and surely they would only become frustrated if they joined under the premise of TFN’s own description of OIDG simply to find it was a sanitised fluff zone.

Actually OIDG is apparently receiving 100 new applicants per day. Well if they are only approving 10 per week – that must mean a very mean mean of approvals, if you see what I mean. In fact around 690 applicants per week are rejected. This is so unbelievable that I would like someone from TFN to correct me ‘cos I am sure I have something badly wrong here. Though running at only 768 members 10 per week would seem about right.


August 28, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle, OIDG

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