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On the 1st of August a new member of TFN’s moderator team posted a well crafted and well meaning post into OIDG with the goal of assuaging people’s fears. Her opening gambit was “We are *not* here to stifle comment, sanitise discussion or prevent opposing views from being aired.” She continues with, “Contrary to popular belief we do not remove people for having a different opinion…”

Well, I think a better word for new would be naive. Everything she says is very laudable and expresses how a well run group should operate. But facts are sadly very different. To quote the words from someone at close to the top of TFN who played a strong part working behind my back trying to get rid of me by blackmailing the group I used to moderate…

“He is publicly speaking out against the organisation on his blog, which is available publicly. This is inappropriate for someone who is connected to the organisation as a moderator.” This was written by the head of Freecycle UK on July 2nd as part of an unethical campaign to oust me.

So, Nikki, please check your facts before you put pen to paper. I can add more evidence to this suffice it to say that the ONLY reason I started my blog was because my comments and questions on OIDG were stifled and sanitised. I would suggest you go searching the OIDG archives – but, hey, if messages have been deleted, then what is the point!


August 30, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle, OIDG

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