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Top Posts 1: Serious pointers to avoiding no shows

The first in a series of articles that try to highlight some of the best postings around in some of the free recycling groups. To access some of these you may have to join the group, for others their archives (that is all the emails) are available without registration. My primary source for this is probably going to be the high-volume and free thinking fcnext group which in just the month of August netted over 3700 posts and is rapidly becoming THE definitive source for free thinking recyclers.

Anyway to start this off, this one is a range of postings that sparked my contribution but actually put mine to shame. Firstly MelbourneFl-rCycle · Melbourne Florida Free Recycle, guide to managing no shows and is now reposted to fcnext thanks to Char, one of the most experienced moderator around, imho. This posting shows a tremendous depth of experience of Char and colleagues, and if I might highlight just one thought for anyone who is offering items that happens to attract perhaps several potential takers, “The key seems to be to NOT choose the first respondent.” To read more, read the Our Admin on No Shows.

The second is the whole original thread that initiated these responses. This is a mine of useful information that represents definitive reading for any moderator who wants to understand the whys and wherefores of no shows. Read and learn from the free recycling experts.


September 2, 2007 - Posted by | fcnext, freecycle, yahoogroups

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