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Why do “no shows” happen?

Here are some thoughts on why a freecycling group might suffer no shows:

  1. Poor member behaviour. Members wanting offered items are simply not behaving well.  This is often assumed the primary reason, but there are others.
  2. Poor item definition.  An item may not be described as well as it could be – for that kind of item.  For example, if some offers a sofa but gives a poor indication of size or colour then many people may say they want it, when what they are really wanting to do is to get in the “queue” and get more information.
  3. Poor location definition.  Many people do not add any information on their location, which for me is poor form.  No one is going to travel a long distance to pick up a jam jar.  They will travel, if they have a need and the item has a potentially decent value, say a bed.
  4. Poor communication process. Email is a frail system, it does break.  Similarly, no matter how good Yahoo Groups, is that also has failures.  Add to this human error and it might often be considered that any successful exchange is a miracle.
  5. Yahoo Settings.  One of my pet peeves is the mixed blessing of Daily Digest.  While it may help the recipient manage their inbox it can also add strain to communications.
  6. Complex items.  Some items are not easily described and need a picture perhaps to help.  For others even a picture may not do justice.

This all gets exacerbated as membership and the number of posts grows since the pressure builds up to answer offers regardless.

September 2, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle

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