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Top Posts 4: 652 groups deleted on TFN’s instruction

You know it is difficult to believe that TFN actually want to stop items going to landfill when their primary aim is to stop groups operating. I have just re-read some of the mountain of evidence on the What’s Up/Down at Freecycle posting on the Business Week website. It makes for amazing reading. I am just going to pick out one gem that really demonstrates the corporate controlling attitude of TFN.

“I just wanted to drop a note… 652 groups were recently removed by Yahoo for copyright infringement. These are mostly groups that were originally rejected by the approver or went rogue. Dean and the database team worked VERY hard on this- it was a lot of work, and it’s not over yet. HUGE KUDOS to Dean, Dorothy, Judy, and Loretta for their tremendous efforts (and special thanks to Judy for her heroic and time-consuming continued work on this). Thanks to Judy’s work and the C&D letters, this number was narrowed down from more than 3,000 entries in the database! This is a huge accomplishment and will certainly help our cause in many ways (including demonstrating our responsibility to the patent & trademark office). Three cheers!! ~emily”

This posting probably dates from sometime around 2005. But this leopard has not changed it spots. They have continued to work on purging groups for the following two years. They are on a mission.

Note there is no attempt from TFN to help groups correct any trademark infringement. Their is no sense of tolerance. This is an intolerant company hell bent on wreaking havoc on anyone and anything they see fit to. They run their blacklist and add to it and then hit the delete button. And they are so proud of this attitude, that’s what gets me.

Come on TFN get a life. We are not terrorists. There is no reason to come after groups with guns ablazing. This is, hopefully a tolerant society. You, me, we are all frail and make mistakes. You must stop this shoot first, ask questions later mentality.

Why don’t you actually ask groups and individuals where their problems lie? Why don’t you see if there is a common thread across a range of groups that might indicate that there are better ways of doing things? Why don’t you actually engage with people and groups in a visible discussion? What do you have to fear so much that you use your cloak and dagger techniques. Come on this is not the dark ages. Surely The Spanish Inquisition is well and truly over.

Of course there are always going to be groups and their owners and moderators who just want to keep their heads down. But TFN is revamping its rules without discussion and without notice. So any group that was compliant yesterday may find itself non-compliant tomorrow. The first a particular “heads down” group will know about it is probably a 48 hour deadline notice of deletion from Yahoo, without any indication or help as to what the infringement is. And if you are one of 652 groups being targetted I am sure that TFN’s resources for helping you out are going to be stretched. That is assuming they wanted to help.

September 5, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle, trademark, yahoogroups


  1. The only terrorist ativity in the freecycling movement has come from TFN and Deron Beal and his minions.

    The reasoning behind their actions is simple, they (Deron)want total control of the freecyclemovement for the dual purpose of financial gain and ego gratification, and simply don’t give a tinker’s dam about the means they use to gain this.

    I believe that Deron and those who willingly follow him blindly suffer from some sort of psychological disorder(s), and would be helped by profesional counseling.

    Comment by EDWARD SCHWARZMANN | September 5, 2007 | Reply

  2. I need to say that from first hand experience if your group is not TM compliant the TM team will assist you if you aren’t on their hit list. I’ve personally assisted a non compliant/delisted group get back into a state of compliancy and relisted and the TM team couldn’t have been nicer. But…if you are on an internal TFN hit list you may as well forget about any sort of assistance because it just won’t happen. I’ve experienced both sides first hand so I’m not making this post without a solid basis in fact. I’ve also seen a group with an imod team in it remove certain things from a groups homepage to make it non compliant because they needed to get rid of a group with a bad owner so they could create a new group in it’s place.

    Comment by Lisa Mostyn | September 5, 2007 | Reply

  3. Lisa NVTech owns the copyright on the images Deron is trying to get a TM on and has been told by them that he can’t do this so any group claiming to be TM compliant is breaking the law.

    Comment by Alexa | September 6, 2007 | Reply

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