Fighting for freerecyling

Another reason why TFN cannot trademark the word freecycle

To trademark something you need to be the sole user of that word or logo. As far as the word freecycle goes it would be nice to think that TFN actually created the word freecycle. However it is patently untrue.

Yes, Deron created The Freecycle Network, and yes Deron registered the domain name. However both of these events only happened in 2003. If you check the whois records for other variants of freecycle you can see that:

  • was created as a domain name on 29th March, 2000
  • was created as a domain name on the 2nd February, 2000

These claims to the word freecycle are both over three years prior to TFN reusing the word freecycle. These websites are still running. They are still running as bona-fide businesses and still trading under the name of freecycle.

Besides these are several other “freecycle” websites that are nothing to do with TFN activities, such as These however, as domain names were created after TFN’s creation in 2003.

If you look into the records for the variants of “freecycling”, again you will find them as in use by various businesses although none of these pre-date TFN.

Have any of these organisations and websites have had trademarking Cease and Desist letters aimed at them? If so, have any of these organisations acted to such letters? The answer is patently no, and therefore here is yet another very serious nail in the coffin of Deron’s trademarking claims.

September 6, 2007 - Posted by | cease and desist, freecycle, trademark

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