Fighting for freerecyling

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition

(If you are looking for either Monty Python humour or a critique of Catholicism then you are in the wrong place, sorry)

As I have mentioned before I have been reading up on a large slice of world history regarding the Inquisitions that emanated from Spain and then through Portugal to their colonies around the world going as far afield as the Americas and India. I very much enjoyed the Monty Python humour but nothing entered my brain about this from my school’s history lessons. What seems to be true though is that a culture of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt are flavours that are not a new feature of life and the Inquisitions of Spain and Portugal spread their own flavours in the interests of power and control. Beyond the obvious examples made of people who were tortured and some burnt to death, the techniques used to spread FUD was essentially picking on a minority group and “outing” them.

I am put in mind of fcnexters, who were “outed” from TFN as “rogues”. I ask you how is it that some of these people rose to the headiest ranks of TFN’s TPTB (the powers that be)? One of the climaxes of the Inquisition years was the torturing of one of the heads of state – thus showing that nobody was free of FUD. Some of the fcnexter original people (of which I am not one) are the cream of the crop of moderators of free recycling groups – of all time. TFN makes insinuations so that these “rogues” opinions are marginalised, as if they are only acting out of jealousy or something. Unlike the private machinations of TFN’s daHub and other private groups the entire debate and credentials of fcnexters is help up to the public light of scrutiny in their public archives.

It is now a known fact that TFN maintains a database of potentially rogue groups and individuals. Is your name or the name of your group on that list? Please correct me if I am wrong, but don’t you at least, according to the UK Data Protection Act 1988, have a right to ask for that disclosure – by law. Perhaps someone in the USA could illuminate on personal data privacy legislation their as well. Perhaps you should ask before the Inquisition (in the form of a C&D letter) comes for you.


September 7, 2007 - Posted by | fcnext, freecycle

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