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The Landfill Test is not definitive

Some people posting on a freecycling group may find their posts blocked aka moderated because they do not fulfil what is called The Landfill Test. Now let me assure you that I like most moderators and indeed many members want to work hard on reducing the number of items that end up in landfill. This is a key goal in my mind, but it is not the biggest goal.

The biggest goal, for me is about community. Nothing will save this planet to be in the best condition possibly like a sense of a healthy community. Therefore, for me the landfill test is not the definitive test of whether something should be an acceptable post. The definitive test is whether it supports the community in a positive way, following all legal guidelines and with flexibility for local conditions and needs.

So if someone is offering a mobile phone with a contract that is no different to offering a phone without a contract. The only contra to the phone with a contract is that it is quite complex. Freecycling is good with simple offers, whereas complex offers are more likely to fail.

Anyway that is my take – support the healthy community with free gifting with no strings attached. So would I allow a post for a mobile phone with a contract? Probably not since it is potentially quite complex.

An actual case of complexity that I got to discuss closely was that of a full kitchen suite. This was complex since anyone accepting the offer would possibly need to hire a van. This one did go through to success with all parties happy – at the second attempt. But it was a close call.

The landfill test, for my money is a reasonable and sensible guideline that forms a basis of thinking, but it should not be a definitive test.

If we consider a contra case, there are items that might be offered that actually easily pass the landfill test and yet do not supprt community values. Other freecycling caveats tend to pick up some of these such as drugs, alcohol, legal and appropriate for all ages etc. If you look at the common thread of these they are community values. That is what is important, and that is the acid test.

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Top Posts 6: Laura’s Story

I am breaking with tradition here and going to another source. This one is from the ImodUncensored group (membership of this group is not required) who tell their individual stories with great clarity. In Laura’s Story what really hits home is about a normal person, someone who is incredibly keen on freecycling, someone who put in immense hours of dedication to The Freecycle Network for no reward and someone who deserves respect. Judge for yourself and read some more about the shenanigans of ErsatzFriend.

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Top Posts 5: Historical perspective

You need to read this one from about midway down. It gives some interesting insights into the origin of the species called freecycling. I was not around at the time so I cannot vouch for its authenticity, but it does raise some good questions.

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Allusion is such a wonderful word

Following recent debate on this blog, I am going to attempt to restrict myself to allusions. One allusion is that I might make, refers to insinuations that the critics of TFN are in it for profit, as someone at the very top of the powers that be might have said it back in July 28th, “by individuals wishing to increase their private gain by scaring local Freecycle moderators.”

So let me ask a straight question. Who stands to gain?

I mean my bank account is pretty well dry, so I would like to gain something. I know my way around the Internet. I could dedicate a section on my blog for GoogleAds and since the number of hits on this blog are quite healthy thereby generate a modest income. I have done that in the past for other websites. But I don’t do that for this blog – on principle. The principle being that this blog is for the good of freecyclers everywhere.

A second allusion might be that the same person would write in the same posting, “Every good urban legend and internet rumor will contain just enough truth to get the attention of the reader.” Note the misspelling of rumour is probably as would have been written. So let us look at urban legends. A great source for this is the online Urban Dictionary. If you search on this for the generic word freecycle, what do you find? Well that same person reiterating that they somehow created the word freecycle in 2003, whereas just a whole 3 years earlier, not months but years somehow a couple of websites with this name somehow existed, as commented on in this blog a few days ago. As far as I know, these domain names are nothing to do with TFN, Deron Beal, myself or any critic.
I mean, come on, are The Powers That Be in TFN really saying that the Internet databases held by such definitive resources as Icann are wholly corrupt? Next, perhaps The Powers That Be will be claiming that Microsoft’s name was created by them, oh when was it – just yesterday.

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A vote of confidence in IntlFCMS?

I am getting some feedback that probably the right view of what Deron is saying, when he is saying no to the oidg-unmodered group (which no longer exists) is actually a vote of full confidence by him in the International needs of TFN moderators are fully met already. That is:

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