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Top Posts 7: You learn something new every day

I really have to thank Lisa, one of the IntlFCMS mods for her post today which looks back at the creation of this Yahoo Group which it turns out was created just one day after PlanetFreecycle. Without going into the historical detail covered in her excellent posting, both of these groups were created because The Freecycle Network ‘s (TFN’s) no longer had an International moderator forum. There had been one – but this was then relegated to just a national forum, now referred to as USMS.

Apparently this was all voted on, though from what people have posted the polls did not exactly explain the implications of those votes with the way things were done. The major two implications for my mind would be that:

  • there no longer was an International forum,
  • that by reusing an existing group that any members who had to leave (ie any non-USA people) would no longer have access to the archives.

For my money simply letting the original international forum continue would have had mass appeal. But history is history, however and whyever it occured.

It then remained for a new International forum to be created. TFN created PlanetFreecycle, and a day later IntlFCMS was born. Both of these aimed to fill that yawning gap. Therefore comparing these two after around six months of existences is very valid.

  • One is from within TFN and the other is without,
  • One is moderated and the other is not,
  • One generally has weak posts, the other is very robust and
  • One is not TM compliant and has not had a Cease and Desist letter thrown at it, whereas the other is totally TM compliant and has had a Cease and Desist letter thrown at it.

And one last point. Which do you think is which, and so do you think therefore that TFN needs a robust forum, or not.

Planet Freecycle posts todate

IntlFCMS posts todate

September 9, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle, intlfcms, yahoogroups

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