Fighting for freerecyling

Dear TFN Trademarking department

I am not sure you are doing your job properly. There are 1000’s of places showing groups, individuals and organisation are flagrantly abusing your trademark claim. If you want to outsource this work I can send out Cease and Desist letters for you. If you do this I can assure you that everyone who abuses your trademark will be challenged properly. If necessary I will allocate a team of people to send these out. This service will cost you nothing. You will receive a full list of places where Cease and Desist letters and emails are sent. Of course if either party are not happy with the service they can terminate it at any stage.

Benefits to TFN include:

  • full challenging of any abuse of trademark
  • no cost
  • no volunteer effort required
  • full monitoring of service
  • independently audited
  • immediate termination by either party

Can I say fairer than that! If you wish to take up this offer please do within the coming week from posting at which point I will close the offer.  This is intended to demonstrate that this blog is acting as independently as humanly possible.


September 11, 2007 - Posted by | cease and desist, freecycle, trademark

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