Fighting for freerecyling

Leaving TFN alone is not an option, why?

A very large criticism made at critics of TFN is that they should get on with life and leave TFN alone, arguing if you do not like the organisation, then go and create their own.

One major problem with this is pivotal about what TFN are attempting in their suit against Tim Oey for disparagement of trademark. TFN, it is argued by the defence, are very potentially annulling any value in the US First Amendment. Now, particularly if you a US citizen, but also if you are a human being who wishes to live in a liberal society then I guess the First amendment is a slightly important issue. Well, it is to me.

If TFN win their case then anyone anywhere who disparages any trademark will be liable to proceedings in a court of law. If I understand it correctly, that could include reporters saying anything about almost any company. So any whistleblowers on any company would automatically be on a losing position.

As an example, one drink I really do not like (unlike the rest of my family) is Coca-Cola. So if I said that Coca-Cola is a really bad drink that really damages your health (which is something I feel is possibly true), then Coca-Cola company could prevent me from saying that. Similarly the film Super Size Me , which is a dig at companies like MacDonald’s, probably would never have been made since its agenda was in part an expose on the health problems associated with overeating at fast food restaurants.

September 16, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle

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