Fighting for freerecyling

Are the police coming?

Today I politely I offered Deron Beal the executive director of The Freecycle Network, a founding opportunity to be part of the design of The Freecycling Charter. Although the charter was made public around a week ago I had yet to make the offer to any organisations to get firmly involved. Since TFN is arguably the largest provider to freecycling services I felt that it would be ignorant of me not to ask Deron first. His response stated that what I was sending was spam and that he was going to report me to the police.

Let me honestly say this was an open offer with good intent. I wanted to allow TFN the opportunity to help shape the document and felt that if I did not make that offer then TFN could easily complain at a later stage that they did not have the opportunity.

In my opinion, to both turn down the opportunity and to give that kind of response really does not do TFN justice. It does not do TPTB justice. It does not do the wider moderator collective justice. Finally and sadly I feel that it insults the membership, but that is of course only my opinion.

I agree that this blog is largely critical of TFN, but Deron has an open platform to answer any issues raised.

The opportunity of The Freecycling Charter is I feel potentially pivotal in the freecycling movement and so I felt it necessary to approach Deron as the very first person to be able to make that real difference. He is patently not interested, and I am sorry for moderators who have to put up with that kind of closed attitude.

This email from me may not have been welcomed but to describe it as spam sadly does not help Deron’s case. I wonder what his local bobby might say when Deron walks in and tries to explain his case.  If I may offer something of what Deron might say to the policeman.

“Dear Mr Policeman, I received this polite email offering me the opportunity to move the freecycling industry forward from someone who does not live in this country. Please can you get on your bicycle and go and visit him and ask him not to do it again.”


September 19, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle

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