Fighting for freerecyling

Tip No 8: Be vigilant about reposters and report

I run a google alert for words like freecycling to help me keep abreast of events as they happen. Occasionally I get notification of a blog website that is displaying information from a freecycling group As an example look at this page for IndyFreecycle.

Such pages should be stopped because they are not an abuse of the privacy of members who post to a group, they are also against the terms of service for Yahoo Groups. This is because a normal freecycling group’s archives are closed, that is only open for reading by members. This setting is in place since what often appears on groups is members’ names, locations and sometimes other personal details, albeit inadvertently.

If you find such a blog, your starting point should be to email the group’s “-owner” that this is happening alerting them to the problem. Then if the owner and moderator team can identify the blogger it may be possible for them to ask for the blog to stop and if that fails they can remove the member.

That said, it may be that the blog is being run anonymously. In this case you can alert some blog sites such as that a particular blog may not be appropriate. If you have such a complaining process then take it.


September 19, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle

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