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How to spot a post by TPTB

There is no doubt that TFN’s TPTB are on a campaign to improve the public perception of TFN. Unfortunately they always shoot themselves in the foot by doing something very unnatural in their posts. Take this one from People of the Web, for example:

“Congratulations Deron. What you have created for us Freecycle (TM) Members is amazing. I am proud to be a groups senior Moderator amongst being part of many other events with Freecycle (TM). Please keep up the good work! Folks, If you haven’t joined up to Freecycle (TM), Then your totally missing out! Give it a shot. Trust me, its worth the time!”

Now do you have time to read TM three times in one paragraph? I mean, how to put someone off an organisation in one fell swoop.

There is a more subtle clue as to this being a member of the core TPTB – they describe themselves as a “groups senior moderator.” Well, apart from the lack of an apostrophe I thought all moderators were equal, except for the owner.

The final clue is that it is posted anonymously.

Shame about this comment which sadly belittles what is in many ways both good press and a good article and video in favour of TFN.


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I feel sorry for Janice

I am not personally acquainted with Janice, but according to Deron she spreads fear and chaos. On Friday the 3rd August he launched a personal tirade on her because, previously she had elected to attempt to add a measure of free speech into the OIDG, TFN’s global moderator forum. What Deron wanted was any controversial posting to go through his eyes first so that he could vet it, in his words, “please not forward such posts to the OIDG or other boards, but rather to forward them to the leadership.”

Because Janice did not know this rule or think it applied in this instance, he decided it was appropriate to chastise her publicly with words such as, “now we have a huge mess with spammer with malicious intent.” I did not know that Janice was a spammer, and in fact I am sure she is not. Whatever, I feel it is unequivocally wrong for Deron, in his role of Executive Director, someone who should show significant management skills to publicly chastise either a volunteer or an employee.

Of course I must be taking phrases out of context and twisting them. But if I was Janice, then that is what I would have done at the time. I would have felt that Deron was venting his power with a total non-charm offensive aimed at me personally. If I was Janice (and I do not know her) and was not an assertive person I would crawl back into my cage and never speak again. Certainly not on OIDG.

Of course it is right for Deron to feel angry if someone has done something that is not right, but to publicly chastise them to all her peers, that as THE MOST SENIOR OFFICER of The Freecycle Network is not acceptable.

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Tip No 9: Free living?

Although free recycling tends to focus on the laudable aim of reducing landfill there are other values.  One that I feel is right up there is building community spirit.  However I have just come across another that I am sure will appeal to many.

I am not sure of the entire history but in Oregon they have a focus on Living Practically Free. Now one thing that drove me into freecycling was a need to help manage my own budget, and being able to supplement what we bought by occasionally finding a suitable item on freecycle, well it just makes sense.

For those interested in the bigger agenda of just surviving (including people who are unemployed, underpaid and so on) free recycling is only part of your armoury for frugal living.  Beyond freecycling there are auction sites such as ebay which can offer some good bargains.  Also there are a wider range of sites that seem to be a cross between auction sites and free recycling ones.  As an example there is CheapCycle where items are offered for free but also some are sold.  In this vein is Criagslist.  If you look hard the list of websites where one can bag a bargain is just endless.

Beyond selling items into thinking about things you can do, that is “services”, in the UK we have the LETS scheme which has been around for a very long time.

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