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How to spot a post by TPTB

There is no doubt that TFN’s TPTB are on a campaign to improve the public perception of TFN. Unfortunately they always shoot themselves in the foot by doing something very unnatural in their posts. Take this one from People of the Web, for example:

“Congratulations Deron. What you have created for us Freecycle (TM) Members is amazing. I am proud to be a groups senior Moderator amongst being part of many other events with Freecycle (TM). Please keep up the good work! Folks, If you haven’t joined up to Freecycle (TM), Then your totally missing out! Give it a shot. Trust me, its worth the time!”

Now do you have time to read TM three times in one paragraph? I mean, how to put someone off an organisation in one fell swoop.

There is a more subtle clue as to this being a member of the core TPTB – they describe themselves as a “groups senior moderator.” Well, apart from the lack of an apostrophe I thought all moderators were equal, except for the owner.

The final clue is that it is posted anonymously.

Shame about this comment which sadly belittles what is in many ways both good press and a good article and video in favour of TFN.


September 22, 2007 - Posted by | trademark

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