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I feel sorry for Janice

I am not personally acquainted with Janice, but according to Deron she spreads fear and chaos. On Friday the 3rd August he launched a personal tirade on her because, previously she had elected to attempt to add a measure of free speech into the OIDG, TFN’s global moderator forum. What Deron wanted was any controversial posting to go through his eyes first so that he could vet it, in his words, “please not forward such posts to the OIDG or other boards, but rather to forward them to the leadership.”

Because Janice did not know this rule or think it applied in this instance, he decided it was appropriate to chastise her publicly with words such as, “now we have a huge mess with spammer with malicious intent.” I did not know that Janice was a spammer, and in fact I am sure she is not. Whatever, I feel it is unequivocally wrong for Deron, in his role of Executive Director, someone who should show significant management skills to publicly chastise either a volunteer or an employee.

Of course I must be taking phrases out of context and twisting them. But if I was Janice, then that is what I would have done at the time. I would have felt that Deron was venting his power with a total non-charm offensive aimed at me personally. If I was Janice (and I do not know her) and was not an assertive person I would crawl back into my cage and never speak again. Certainly not on OIDG.

Of course it is right for Deron to feel angry if someone has done something that is not right, but to publicly chastise them to all her peers, that as THE MOST SENIOR OFFICER of The Freecycle Network is not acceptable.

September 22, 2007 - Posted by | finder, free speech, freecycle, OIDG


  1. Deron has been described as an “arrogant twerp”, and it’s past time to update the description to add “obnoxious” to it.

    Comment by ed schwarzmann | September 22, 2007 | Reply

  2. Hi Andy, I AM Janice. Just for the record, I DID have private “conversation” with Deron, who asked me to forward the emails in question to him, as did many others. When I got an official one with permission to forward, I sent it to him, personally, as well as all the other boards/emails I had. So I DID follow his “rules.”

    He was not upset with the “spamming” but rather the FACTS the email spoke to (as I blew his reassurances right off the planet)…and there was plenty of private chastisement as well. But rest assured, I am not hiding in any cage. I feel that my actions were morally and ethically right, which was what the whole situation was about to begin with, and continue to have an active group, safe from Yahoo! TOS violations.

    As for never speaking on OIDG again, well, as I am still moderated now, it is hard to know if my real thoughts will ever be posted again…

    Be well,

    Comment by Janice | September 23, 2007 | Reply

  3. Oh, and the spammer in question was not me. He was upset that someone was forwarding the email in question to every group they could find, but did not accuse me of doing it.

    Be well,

    Comment by Janice | September 23, 2007 | Reply

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