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Tip No 9: Free living?

Although free recycling tends to focus on the laudable aim of reducing landfill there are other values.  One that I feel is right up there is building community spirit.  However I have just come across another that I am sure will appeal to many.

I am not sure of the entire history but in Oregon they have a focus on Living Practically Free. Now one thing that drove me into freecycling was a need to help manage my own budget, and being able to supplement what we bought by occasionally finding a suitable item on freecycle, well it just makes sense.

For those interested in the bigger agenda of just surviving (including people who are unemployed, underpaid and so on) free recycling is only part of your armoury for frugal living.  Beyond freecycling there are auction sites such as ebay which can offer some good bargains.  Also there are a wider range of sites that seem to be a cross between auction sites and free recycling ones.  As an example there is CheapCycle where items are offered for free but also some are sold.  In this vein is Criagslist.  If you look hard the list of websites where one can bag a bargain is just endless.

Beyond selling items into thinking about things you can do, that is “services”, in the UK we have the LETS scheme which has been around for a very long time.


September 22, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle

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  1. To purchase a $100 item in Canada, you need to earn $148.

    Think about it! The $100 item is $114 with GSTax and PSTax. If you’re at a 30% tax rate, you must earn $114*130% = $148 to buy that $100 item.

    On a freecycling-type group, you’ll save yourself $148 every time you pick up an item worth $100 replacement value.


    PS: And, bonus! Someone gets to repatriate and reuse the space that item took up before it was freecycled!

    Comment by Eric Snyder | October 16, 2007 | Reply

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