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What is Spam?

I have unfortunately seen it as necessary to add an entry to the Freecycling Glossary since I think the term is being abused. I mean I have sent three polite and relevant emails to Deron Beal and he describes them as Spam. Let me link you to at least one authoritative definition of Spam and see what joins we can find. In this case the reference point I will use is the Federeal Trade Commission.

They use words like “deceptive” , “lots”, “commercial”, “time consuming” and “bogus”. Well the emails I have sent were very open and honest, so I do not think deceptive applies. There were only three, so I do not think that counts as “lots”. They were all kept very brief, so I cannot imagine that Deron took a long time to reply. And they certainly were not “bogus”, I always use my own email and Internet identity.

So, unless Deron wishes to continue calling the FTC’s reputation into disrepute then I would advise him to be more appropriate with his descriptions. By the way I would have sent this to him personally, but, you know I would not want to either spam or be seen as spamming him!


September 24, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle

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