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Were 99% of UK moderators against the Climate Change Bill submission?

As I go through my archives I came across one posting on UKmodsquad that expressed as much as anything the common strength of feeling that a political submission should not be made. Because I was a member of Ukmodsquad at the time I will not break privacy on the group per se. However anyone who writes something has the copyright on that. So with permission from the author I replay those comments here. The major part of the comment was on the concept that TFN thought that somehow it had talked to its members about the submission to the UK Climate Change Bull and reacted suitably based on feedback.

As for the submission, with all due respect for the wording of it, I have never seen so much nonsense put together in my life! I can’t even be bothered to go through it all and comment as all the points have already been mentioned and discussed here over and over again,without the “Directors” taking the slightest notice.
So now this precedent has been set, I am off to remove the NO POLITICS rules from my Etiquette file. Would any of the “Directors”care to comment on whether the rest of the rules are still valid, asI find it difficult to justify sticking to any at the moment, if Freecycle ignores its own rules blatantly!
I am seriously disillusioned and upset that the “Directors” have no respect either for the rules that Freecycle set, or for the loyal volunteer moderators that are trying to stick to the point of Freecycle. Therefore, I insist on an official apology from the “Directors” for sending this submission on behalf of Freecycle UK, without due consideration for all the sensible objections that were made.
But I suspect that I will not be heard, as weren’t those lot that have been giving their opinion and trying to sober up the “Directors”over the past few days.
Off to run my group. From now on, I am only loyal to my members. Freecycle, UK or not, has lost my faith and trust.

Prior to the above this moderator posted a reaction to the poll intended by TFN to ensure that everyone agreed with the submission.

“I appreciate the results not having been mentioned in the submission, as I strongly suspect that 99% of people who wanted to answer No to Question 1 just gave up when they read the rest of the poll, rather than answer nonsense, in order to submit their votes. The result is absolutely flawed”

I leave you to decide if this independent thinking moderator was right or wrong about how TFN operates in such matters.


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