Fighting for freerecyling

Back to bartering, not

I have blogged on this before, but it really gets me when someone describes freecycling as a bartering system as in this article on Xanga.

Bartering implies, to me that a process of negotiation takes place.  The difference from normal purchase is that no money changes hands, only goods or services.  Let us take one definition that I would like think has some depth of history about it, The Bank Of England uses the word swapped, and I think advisedly.

What they mean is I give you something and you give me something – in exchange. A fundamental principle of freecycling is that you give your items away freely.  Many people give to other people via freecycle and never ever want anything back.  Others may be in need of a range of items.  Perhaps they were homeless and now are not – and having scant resources to buy anything are using freecycle to get a fridge to keep their food healthy or a sofa to sit on at nights.  Who would deny either of these two types of person the right to use a freecycling group?  I therefore challenge anyone to consider what they are doing as bartering.

They are freecycling, most definitely but bartering they are not.


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