Fighting for freerecyling

Where freecycling could meet business

There is no doubt that some freecycling groups shun advances from business.  That said it is also true that others welcome such advances.  The say no’s feel that any business should stand on its own commercial legs, and not forage perhaps on the mores of people wanting to give away to perhaps someone who is needy, in an individual sense.

But what about when a company is dealing as a matter of course with potentially recyclable materials?  What is not acceptable, in my mind is if someone is doing things behind people’s backs, but if one person offers something surely if there are no other takers than a company it is much better it goes to that company than landfill.  If there are more than one takers then, if the company is honest about presenting itself then the offerer can make their own choice.  That to me is good freecycling.

What brings this to mind is what is reported as the demise in Illinois of the Reuseit Centre, In Batavia this company was set up to help resell building materials.  Part of their problem, as a business is reported as getting “bums on seats”, or more accurately getting people through the door.

My thinking on this is I feel quite holistic.  If their customers are households then living and breathing on local freecycling groups could both enable them to get new donations and also in some instances perhaps even new customers.  This is especially true since a good cross section of the people who might want their products could be the kind of person who inhabits a freecycling group.

Let me underline what I have said – it is not acceptable for anyone or any company to abuse a group.  But there are other possibilities.  Beyond the prerequisite of honesty and openness the company also might become a sponsor of the local freecycling community.  It might provide nominal funds to build a more professional website, help with marketing in the local press..  There are possibilities, they need understanding and care and attention to detail from all sides.

But in the end freecycling goals are to remove items from landfill and this seems to me to be a possible strategic way forward for many local freecycling communities to move forward as independent communities with stronger ties to the community -both household and business.


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