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I am on full moderation

I recently posted on Moderation in all things. Right now, in the group to which that alluded, I am on full moderation, for a couple of weeks. Just in case anyone thinks different let me explain something. I officially asked the owners to put me on full moderation. I gave no instruction, or request or comment on whether the other party should become moderated, or not. They decided that both parties should be public admonished. This is brilliant.

Before I explain my reaction I would now like to add more detail. Yes, I was surprised that a public notification was made about my being put onto moderation, and the it was the notification that went to the full group that surprised me. But I am now free.

My take on what happened was that I was dragged into mud by someone who wanted to take me down, almost from the outset. Perhaps we had a bish-bash attitude towards each other. Perhaps I offended the other party in some way. I feel more that this was a strategic attempt to take me out, from the word go. Anyone who looks at the posts will see that I hardly if ever initiated any flak, rather that I responded (and it is possibly the case far too willingly) to the flak which I saw coming my way.

What is really weird is that although the moderators asked both parties to take this off-forum, I was castigated for so attempting by emailing the other party. My advances in direct email were met with rebuke from not just the individual but very surprisingly the forum.

Any offers I made, on forum to reduce the heat also met with rebuke. Wierd.

In my defence I can only say that I made every honest attempt at finding a way to resolve the issues with the other party, only to find such attempts thrown in my face at every step.

So, dear other party let me say in many ways you have won. And you really do deserve a case of Champagne from Deron Beal. But also you have lost.

Because in targeting me like that you show me that I am making a difference, that this blog is actually living up to its aim in returning freecycling back to the movement.

Finally this is brilliant, because I can now post and without any fear of retribution. In my moderated state I see freedom of speech and long may that continue for all members.


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